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The Daily Trolloc (41)

Issue 41. (Art by D.K. Sweet)

TV News and Info at the bottom
General Wheel of Time News As mentioned in last weeks issue, The Great American Read started this week. The two hour pilot only briefly mentioned Wheel of Time at around the 43:57 mark, but according to Jason Denzel it will feature more later in the series. The show’s producers spoke to me for over a half hour by phone, asked me to travel for a recording, and ended up with a bunch of footage of me talking about the saga and its heroes. It’ll probably be featured in one of the upcoming shows this Fall.Voting has started on the website but it's only open to US, US Territories, and Canada. You can always use a USA based VPN if your're desperate to vote from outside those areas. You can also Vote on Twitter and Facebook by just using the #VoteWheelTime tag when you post. Not sure if they are able to weed out Non North American voters that way, so international voters may get away with voting.

You can place one vote for ea…

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