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Casting the Wheel of Time: The Two Rivers

This casting post will be a bit different to Narg's other casting suggestions. Narg is not focusing on picking one actor for a specific role but rather on the racial identity of The Two Rivers population in general.

Say what?!? This may come as a surprise to some, but there is debate about this.

Narg himself never really thought about it. Being the top of the food chain, Narg really only paid attention to the age and size of people(oldies run slower and Narg enjoys a nice plump Inn Keeper or maiden). In recent times though it has been brought to Narg's attention that some take offense at people assuming The Two Rivers folk are "White".

An example of this from Tumblr:

Artist Nadia Attlee draws two rivers folk as white-ish:


Artist responds:

"Hi Anon! I wasn’t aware of this discourse regarding the Two Rivers folks but I think it’s a worthy topic of conversation and wanted to give a thoughtful response. Also apologies in advance if I get something wrong as it’s …

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