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Rafe Judkins - Wheel of Time Series Showrunner

Rafe Judkins was announced as the Wheel of Time Showrunner on April 20, 2017:
Rafe Judkins has been tapped to serve as showrunner, executive producer and writer on the Wheel of Time TV show. A longtime fan of Robert Jordan's epic 14-book fantasy series, Judkins previously wrote and produced on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. He also wrote episodes of Chuck and wrote and produced episodes of Netflix's Hemlock Grove. Not sure what a Showrunner is or does? Narg's got your back! Here's an except from a USA Today article:
Pedantically, the Oxford Dictionary defines a "showrunner" as "The person who has overall creative authority and management responsibility for a television program.  In practice, the showrunner is the big brain of an episodic television series, and the executor of the ordered number of scripts for a given season. It's worth reading the whole article(just click skip survey when it pops up) as it has quotes from several showrunners.


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