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The Daily Trolloc (44)

Issue 44. (Art by Michelle Tolo)
TV News and Info at the bottom (Amazon confirmed!) General Wheel of Time NewsTwo new podcasts(well one podcast and one YouTube thingy) hit the web this week:

Welcome to the pilot episode of the WoTchers Podcast. In this episode, our intrepid authors discuss the first book of The Wheel of Time, Eye of the World, but they don’t get very far. Introductions are made, bona fides are shared, and the discussion begins in earnest about why some love this series, and some believe it is a typical fantasy knockoff. Wherever you stand in your WoT fandom, we think you’ll enjoy the lively discussion and debate around the fantasy genre, tropes, and why these stories matter so much to us.
The first episode of The Watchers Podcast can be listened to here. Reviews so far are a little mixed, but find out for yourself and give it a shot!
The YouTube thingy is from Daniel Greene who has done a tonne of Wheel of Time related videos on his channel before. His new show is cal…

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