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The Daily Trolloc (52)

Issue 52. (Art by Brian Leblanc) Wheel of Time NewsThe first #WoTWednesday happened, and Rafe Judkin's tease was a glimpse of the notes he is making in the books as he works:

A few things to note here. Firstly the writing in the margin which say's "Inn description" and "Tale of Manetheren". That's a good indication that Moiraine's little speech to the angry mob of Emond's Fielders, is in the script. Secondly, Rafe seems to be taking note of the small details as evidenced by "Inn's dozens tall chimneys" being circled. 
Rafe also answered one question in the comments:

Not exactly what we all want to hear...hopefully not a galaxy far far away "far"!
Still, we know he has at least two episode scripts done and is working on more and or the Show Bible. So if we look at a recent fantasy show(The Witcher) that has just started the casting process, it may give us a clue as to how far away "Far" is.
Lauren S Hissrich, Th…

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