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The Daily Trolloc (48)

Issue 48. Art by D K Sweet
The Wheel of Time TV ShowNew News!
Rafe Judkins the Wheel of Time Showrunner just went on a little social media bender!
Narg has sifted through all the posts and here are the relevant bits:
It all started with this post on Instagram

This made humans planet wide start to squeal and scream like teenagers at a Trolloc BBQ..Justin Bieber concert. Animated gifs were flying left right and center and people were like OMG OMG is it really happening???? Is news coming??? What does it mean????
Rafe soon answered that question:

He was then asked by his previous writing partner Lauren LeFranc, if that meant the show had been picked up(Greenlit):

"I wish"...probably not what we wanted to hear but he did drop the nugget that Amanda Kate Shuman had worked on the Bible with him, at least the first page anyway...though given that she was also on the writers retreat in Guatemala where he used the hashtag #wotmeetslotr, it's probably safe to assume she's more…

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