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The Daily Trolloc (57)

Issue 57. (Art by Michelle Tolo) Wheel of Time News The big news of the week was Rafe Judkins' Q&A for Wheel of Time Wednesday. Here are just a few highlights or lowlights, if you really like dress smoothing:
Question: What is the approximate rate of a) dress-smoothing; b) braid-tugging; and c) chin-raising per episode?
Rafe: Haha, there is ONE braid tug in the pilot.  But I think you'll like it ;)
Question: Will there be braid tugging and dress smoothing?
Rafe:Less than the books

Question: Anything we can do to help Amazons decision on whether to green light the show.
Rafe: Tell them how much you love it ALL DAY EVERY DAY :)
Question: Do you (and your team) have freedom to make significant changes to the story or do you have to keep by the books?

Rafe: We have freedom to do what we want, but what I want is to stay true to the books
Question: Morning, @rafejudkins. Is @AmazonStudios planning to give the show the same scope and production value as HBO’s #GameofThrones, or #Westworl…

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