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Radar's Ted Field Set to Announce the Future of The Wheel of Time TV Series

That is according to The Hollywood Reporters article about how Jumanji's success at the box office has saved Ted Field and Radar from going broke. They admit they don't know how much of the profit Ted will get and they didn't actually speak to Field, only his Lawyer, so the whole article should be taken with a grain of salt, as it may just be a PR thingy me bob to make it look like Ted and Radar have a rosy future and ain't going broke.

If you don't follow. Radar is the Production company that got the TV rights after the dispute with Red Eagle Entertainment was settled. Radar then got Sony onboard as the Production Studio.

Anyway's this is what Ted's Lawyer said:
Jonathan Freund, Field's lawyer, says that a lot of people are given the moniker of billionaire without merit. "What's true is he's sunk millions into the company," he adds. "He now has the last laugh with Jumanji being a hit and he has other big announcements to come.&q…

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